The Worst Christmas Gifts for your Petrolhead

Seeing as it’s the manic shopping season again, we explore some of the worst gifts you can buy for your petrolhead friends and family this Christmas!

Amongst the seemingly endless number of pens, keychains and hideous polo shirts, it seems like every major car manufacturer also has its own range of ridiculous sunglasses to sift through on the quest to find the worst car-related gifts of 2017. First up on our list is for that unfortunately office-bound person in your life with…

Porsche Computer Mouse


This 911 inspired mouse can be yours, in white of course, for just £75 *gulp* of your pounds. It would look great on their desk next to their completed and framed…

BMW Jigsaw Puzzle


WOWWW, 500 pieces of pure puzzling pleasure. The BMW Motorsport Heritage Puzzle just pipped the BMW Yachting Flip Flops to the post. BMW’s merchandise catalogue had a huge variety of tat, mostly from their awful clothing range of ‘Drift Cat’ this and ‘Golfsport’ that, and after pressing ‘View more products’ one too many times I’d frankly seen enough.

Mercedes-Benz “Corza Lady” Golf Bag

Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection 2017: Golfsaisonstart mit Mercedes-Benz

From their 2017 ‘Golf Collection’, Mercedes bring us this… bag… for the golf-loving lady in your life to carry her bats. Golf seems to be a recurring theme from our *shoulder checks* expert research, hinting that maybe manufacturer merchandise is aimed at a particular type of enthusiast. For £300 though, why not get her something she can actually drive, like a K11 Micra. Get it? Drive, like in golf, and like in the rampant stereotype that women can’t do it.

GTI Rubber Duck


Let me cast no illusions, this one is just plain s**t, but it’s the kind of infantile gift that the VW fanboy will LOVE.

Lamborghini Baubles


Want to make your Christmas tree look extra special every year? Look no further.

Ferrari Leather Fingerless Driving Gloves


These really are for that type of driving enthusiast, who takes his Vauxhall Vectra diesel to its limits.

Car Mat Coasters


This one comes in from a seller on Amazon, imagine how cool your Secret Santa recipient will feel catching their Stella spills on these silicone car mat-shaped coasters.

Ford Fiesta Christmas Jumper


Lastly, from the depths of eBay, we bring you the Fiesta embellished jumper, wishing you a Merry ChriSTmas. See what I did there?

The worrying thing is when you look through these gifts and start to find things you actually like, so next up on Infernal C0 is our best picks for your petrolhead this Christmas!

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