Top Gear Buried Treasure

So it’s a usual Sunday morning for Infernal Co – Wake up, pop the kettle on, select an episode of Top Gear from the DVD collection and browse the classifieds for things we can’t afford. Standard. Now this isn’t what you may think, it’s not one of the star cars from the television series popping up on eBay (the header image threw you off, didn’t it?) – today we went mining for internet gold. The location, YouTube.

You all no doubt remember the episode with the £5,000 sports saloons (S15E02 for those that don’t) and in the end they did the, as then normal, review of the scores. There was a ‘YouTube’ scoring category for the number of views obtained from a video lap of the track from the dash. *Spolier Alert* This wasn’t just a TV gag, they did actually upload these clips!

James’ was shown first in typical Mr. Slow fashion under the appropriately named Mercedes1902316:

Clarkson’s second, disguised as the adenoid-voiced CossieMan2000:

Finally, Hammond’s. And yes, it’s as bleak as you imagined from the clip on TV. The channel, MrM3MAN:

Had the scoreboard been recalculated today it would read:

Hammond (71 -> 526k views) – 527,107

Clarkson (127 -> 531k views) –  531,086

May (7 -> 439k views) – 440,939

All other cheating left in place of course, because it wouldn’t be fun otherwise! Which means that the best sports saloon you can buy today for £5,000 is…. oh wait… for £5,000? We might have to review that.


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