History of The Rotary Engine

This feature is particularly special as it has taken Infernal Combustion on a historical journey around Bavaria on search of the most authentic and accurate information. Conventional Engine History Everything rotates in cycles. This is the view you could reach if you look at the basic principles of nature, because many things that shape our... Continue Reading →

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The Buick-Rover V8 Conspectus

Some time before the burbles of the Rover V8 could be heard on British shores, the all-aluminium Buick "Fireball" V8 was born in Detroit, Michigan. Let's take a short look through history of how that came to be. Buick Era In the 1950's the car industry in the US turned to aluminium as a material... Continue Reading →

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11 Production Cars with Gullwing Doors

Gullwing doors are  hinged at the roof and opened in a vertical sweep. They are named so on account of the shape given to the car when both doors are opened, similar to that of a seagull's wings in mid-flight. Not only reserved for the Max Power generations of old, here are 11 production cars... Continue Reading →

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Britain’s “Toy” Cars

We love a miniature car here in the UK. Maybe it's because we grew up watching Brum on TV or maybe it's because the UK were at the forefront of the microcar development in the 1950s & 60s. Either way, it doesn't take much poking before you realise we're all just big kids really. So,... Continue Reading →

1959 BSA A7 “Shooting Star” – Feature

After the 1938 launch of the Triumph Speed Twin, BSA needed a 500cc twin to compete in that class. Designed by Herbert Parker, David Munro and BSA's chief designer, Val Page, the BSA A7 was the first of the BSA twin-cylinder motorcycles. Delayed by WWII, the model was finally launched in September 1946. The very... Continue Reading →

Princess Diana’s Black RS Turbo S1

Stories of the mythical black Escort RS Turbo Series 1 owned by Lady Diana have been floating around the internet for years now. There's a smattering of conflicting information out there so I think it's time to put this to bed.

The Docker Daimlers – The Golden Zebra

Daimler maintained its long-established position as royalty’s favourite in the immediate post-WW2 years and went about grabbing headlines thanks to a succession of ‘Docker Specials’. The list as follows:1948 'Green Goddess', based on a Daimler DE361951 'Gold Car', based on a Daimler DE361952 'Blue Clover', based on a Daimler DE361953 'Silver Flash', based on a... Continue Reading →

Austin Seven: A Brief History

Austin Seven, 1922-1939 One of the most popular cars produced for the British market and sold well abroad. Its effect on the British market was similar to that of the Model T Ford in the US, replacing most other British economy cars and cyclecars of the early 1920s and bringing motoring to the masses Herbert... Continue Reading →

BMW 328

The BMW 328 roadster was presented to the public by BMW in 1936 without much ado. At the time, nobody could have imagined that it would become oen of the fastest serial production sports cars in its class and one of the most exclusive of its era. Even though the production volume of this high-performance... Continue Reading →

10 Most Sought After Scalextric Cars

Scalextric, the slot-car racing system, was invented in 1957 by Fred Francis, a toy manufacturer who started out by making Scalex tinplate clockwork model cars. These were, at first, modified to become the first Scalextric cars. Francis lived near Goodwood racetrack in Sussex, so all the accessories for early sets were modelled on the circuit... Continue Reading →

Mercedes C111

Frankfurt, September 1969: expectations were already running high. Rumours had been circulating for quite some time that Mercedes-Benz was planning to launch a sensation at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. But the car finally unveiled by the Stuttgart manufacturer surpassed even the wildest expectations. What the journalists got to see was a super... Continue Reading →

Sir Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss is still one of Britain's best-known motor sports stars and one of motor racing's most durable figures despite the passing of nearly fifty years since his retirement from racing. There have been drivers who have flitted in and out of the limelight since his time, but Stirling Moss has been one that the... Continue Reading →

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