Richard Hammond’s M3 is For Sale Again

Remember our previous post where we lead you into thinking the iconic M3 saloon used in Series 15 of Top Gear was up for sale again? Well this time it is! It last went up for auction in 2015, selling for just £5830 – well under its £7500 lower estimate.


Top Gear undertook a huge number of ‘cheap car challenges’ over the years, so you’d think we’d have seen quite a few come up for sale after filming – This being said, many end up either crashed, modified or downright ruined for the sake of television, meaning that few ever made it to the classifieds.


The car has done around 7000 miles since 2015, bringing the the total to 86,800 miles – still below average for a car of it’s age. The M3 Evo was a quick 4-door in its day and still stands strong today, with a 321 bhp straight-six coupled to a six-speed manual it’s the very definition of ‘sports saloon’.

The Boston Green example with Grey leather interior is still in pretty good nick, scoring 85/135 in the Classic Car Auctions condition test, significantly more than ADAC scored it in the ‘£5,000 Sports Saloon’ challenge. The M3 has MOT until August 2018 and a partial history, its due to go up for auction tomorrow with no reserve – you could bag yourself a beer money bargain!



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