Rare Integra Type R DB8: Beer Money Motoring

On a morning browse of the classifieds for a used and abused EP3 track car, we came across this slice of rare JDM 4-Door fury, a 1997 Honda Integra Type R (DB8).

This great video from one of our favourite YouTube channels Wasabi Cars give a short history into some of the facts around the DB8.


Production numbers for the DB8 are on average around 20% of the DC2 year-on-year from 1995-2000. Using Wasabi Cars’ technique we know this particular example is definitely 1996 spec (all 1995-97 cars) by the 4-stud hubs.


Price: £4,000
Power: 187 bhp + (Some mods have been listed in the ad)
Top Speed: 145 mph + (This one has been delimited)
Average Economy: Do we really care?
Advert Link: here

This particular example is for sale in Infernal Co’s home of Northern Ireland and advertised on Republic of Ireland plates. The car looks to have been really well kept, just 68k on the clocks which have already been converted for use on UK roads. A great tell on these cars is the condition of the interior, and this one is in fantastic shape for its age! This is an absolute bargain for a car that can only appreciate and as always, good luck with the sale!

We leave you with one last video walkaround from another one of our favourites at Pacific Coast Auto. Gives a great insight into all the features in this immaculate Canadian imported example.


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