Motorsport Roundup – 15/08/17

Irish Drift Championship | Round 4 | Watergrasshill

Round 4 saw a really shakeup of the top 16 grid as per the usual suspects. This was the first round where we haven’t seen the 2017 season king Jack Shanahan in the top 3, and only the second time his brother Conor Shanahan has made top 16 this season.

Last week was the first time the IDC has been live-streamed outside of IDC Nation, also being streamed on Drivetribe.

Paul McCarthy who took Round 4 now has more Irish Drift Championship wins than approximately 90% of the driver grid; although this has only been his second top 16 this season after placing fourth

A dream weekend for Jack Shanahan it was not, but regardless of going out in the Top 16, the 2017 Irish Drift Championship title is still very much Jack’s to lose. With Tomas Kiely now mathematically the only driver in with a chance of catching Jack, can he do it at IDC Round 5 – The Final Fight?

Round 4 Results | 12-13th August 2017

  1. Paul McCarthy | 49 pts
  2. Dennis Murphy | 45 pts
  3. Duane McKeever | 39 pts
  4. Mitch Larner | 33 pts
  5. Conor Shanahan | 32 pts
  6. Peden Nielsen | 31 pts
  7. TJ Berney | 30 pts
  8. Shane O’Sullivan | 29 pts

Current Standings:

  1. Jack Shanahan | Nissan 200SX S13 | 166 pts
  2. Tomás Kiely | Nissan 200SX S14 | 125 pts
  3. Shane O’Sullivan | Nissan Silvia S15 | 115 pts

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