Motorsport Roundup – 31/07/17

What to Expect from Motorsport Roundup

Initial intentions for Motorsport Roundup are to cover the results of key motorsport events, as well as a number of additional events just for fun, including but not limited to:

  • Formula 1 World Championship
  • World Rally Championship
  • World Endurance Championship
  • World Touring Car Championship
  • World Rallycross Chamopionship
  • Formula Drift
  • British Touring Car Championship
  • British Drift Championship

We hope you have enjoyed our first installment, check back next week for another Infernal Combustion Motorsport Roundup!

Next Week’s Motorsport Roundup

  • World Rallycross of Canada | 4-6th August 2017
  • Formula Drift Round 6, Throwdown – Monroe, Washington | 4-5th August 2017


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